⏳ What Makes Her Tick?

What Makes Her Tick?

“People always ask me what is it that drives me…what motivates me to do so much so well? I think the answer is simple. I know the facts: I know we are each capable of doing great things.  My mother’s aunt kept meticulous records of our family’s contributions to the development of America, so while some people feel they are forced to believe whatever they are told about their heritage, I know the facts.  So, I live my life based on facts and deductive reasoning; and not illusions.  To the best of my knowledge, when I came into this world, I did not sign any agreement stating that I would mute my talents to make others feel better about themselves.  As a matter of fact, to do so is an abomination and an affront to God who gave me my talents.  And, it weakens the other person’s ability to believe in themselves.   I do not beg humans for my freedom because I was born free.  I operate from a point of assumed mutual respect and understanding that we are all working toward a simple common goal, the happiness and betterment of humanity.  I respect people, so I do not pacify them.
 Most importantly, I only have one God.”

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